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Birds Autogas

Welcome to the webshop for Dealers of Vogels Autogas Systems.

Over the years, Vogels autogas has grown into a company with offices in the Netherlands & Germany and Spain and a
extensive Dealer network within Europe.
This allows you to get support, service and parts in almost every country.

For companies and installation stations, Vogels Autogas fulfils the function of wholesaler and total supplier of car gas equipment.
In addition to car gas equipment and parts, you can contact our webshop with your technical questions.

To apply for documentation m.b.t. installation requirements, R115 or other approval documents
please refer to our website www.vogelsautogas.nl

We are a medium-sized flexible company and use a high stock by default, which allows us to deliver quickly and usually from stock.


Through our experience of more than 30 years with LPG installation's installation and the supply of lpg parts and continuous training of our professionals,
we guarantee the highest professional competence of our employees.

Over the years we have developed our own Lpg system based on the wishes and needs of the Dutch motorist.
The VGI system therefore consists of high-quality products from approved suppliers composed according to the latest requirements.

Over the years we have been able to provide several beautiful projects with the VGI system
or CNG installation.

Distributor of :

Complete LPG gas systems & components including: